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I can't connect www; domain registered at GoDaddy

Having a fortnight’s worth of trtng to connect my site and
with Webflow CMS hosting and registered DNS with GoDaddy.

What happens is that GoDaddy support (a painful story there) have their own method (using forwarding with masking)which is counter to Webflow’s method of using (and doesn’t work anyway).

This is a screen shot of my GoDaddy DNS setings

and this is a screenshot of my Project settings page.

The subdomain (set to default as per instructions) stubbornly stays unlinked. How do I get both and to redirect to

Please help. Where is the legendary Cyberdave when you need him? All I got is Webflow support person who is happy accusing GoDaddy that “their software is not working”.
Please help

How do I get both and to redirect to

This is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, no?

Something’s wrong with your setup as your custom urls redirect to “”.

Have you tried adding a simple dot “.” after in your DNS records?
So you’d enter “” as CNAME record.

Thanks much for your attention.
You are right; something is very wrong.

So I tried your suggestion, but the DNS record rejected the additional dot:
<Enter either @ or a valid host name such as: “subdomain.domain.tld”>

I want both the naked domain and the subdomain to point to (end up) at the site we see at

without displaying the webflow address, but rather displaying my domain name.

Once again, thanks for being willing to help

This needs to be done by GoDaddy’s Domain Support to help you. Call them on the phone and give them the information needed from Webflow. They can actually go in your account and do this for you, no problem. With them on the phone give all this information:

Thanks, my friend. I’ve tried this 3 different times already, and they each came up with 3 (slightly) different solutions, which are all totally different from Webflow instructions (they use forwarding with masking; their own CNAME instead of Webflow’s) and none of which worked.

I’m sorry to contradict you, but apparently, they can access your account to view but not to make changes to the settings; they can however supervise as you input new settings…but they didn’t work!

I’ve seen other similar complaints on the forum here which have been resolved, so I’d rather take my chances with Webflow people …

Thanks for your attention.

No problem, take care.

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