I can't change checkbox names on a template

Hello everyone !

I use the refokus tool’s template (specific : CMS Filters)

And my problematic is that I cannot change names of langages section…
refokus template langages

I try a lot of things but I don’t understand why isn’t working… And I also try their tutorial without success (maybe I make a mistake when I did it)

Can you help me ? I really need all the steps to go through over this problem :confused:
You just need to copy their template to your workspace and realize all the modifications to have others names inside the checkbox !

And if you know too which changes I need to make for having interacting buttom (example : instead of “english” → “book” and when I’ll click on “book” filter will operate !)

Thank you in advance for your help !

Here is my CMS Filters (by Refokus) you can clone in Webflow: Here