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I can't access the login page

Hello Everyone, here i have an issue with a template i cloned every thing is working
but when i reach where it says Log in it doesn’t really work i would like to know how i could reach that page and access it for changes. and where i got it from there are already using so i used the same layout but still changing everything.

In need help for 1 things:

  • Access the login page to be able to edit it.

Kind regards,

is it this one you want to access ?


@JanneWassberg I am not quit sure but let me share with you the orginal website i cloned to see how it work.

@JanneWassberg I cloned this website but am trying to edit the login form and also the dashboard
but i cant find them .

Original Website:
The login Page:

Or Maybe i have to upgrade my plan. I am not sure it’s my first time to use webflow a friend of mine recommended it to me

That part is not webflow¨. Where did you clone it? Any instructions?

@JanneWassberg Alright So what is your suggestion. Should i come up with another part and link it with webflow?

And thank you for your help! I appreciate it.

Did you buy or cloned the project? WHat was the instructions about this project?
Do you have a link where you cloned the project?

@JanneWassberg i didn’t buy it. It was a free and i didn’t see any instruction.

Yes here is the link:

@Mugisha_Christian i took a look at the project. You have cloned their Wefflow site and that is what you can clone. When you go to the login in the menu you are taken to another site/app where you can login and create an account. Don’t know what they have beein using but my guess is hubspot or similair

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@JanneWassberg NOW i understand. Thank you so much for your help