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I broke my footer

Hey all, In the currently published version of the site im working on, I have the footer columns change background color on hover, and i love the way it currently is. However in the designer, i accidently screwed something up and now the columns arent spreading to take up all the available space, so the sections that change color, arent reaching as far as i want them to. But i cant seem to find any padding, flex, or other issues that might be causing this, and undo broke when it happened.

This link shows the desired behavior:

My designer read only does not. Any thoughts?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Go to your project settings and click on “Backup”. Revert to a time that you think the original was set. Usually an hour ago. Just pick a time and you’ll have it back the way it was :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, you are loved. :smiley:

:blush: No problem… see ya… have fun!