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I am stuck with a home page that I can't replace with a one page version

Hi there, I wonder if someone can help.
I am a new user of Webflow and have constructed a web site from a Template.

I want a one page site and have deleted all the pages I don’t require.
I want to make the one page my home page.

The multipage home page refuses to give up its role and I am unable to delete it.

When I publish the site, the multipage home page will appear first. How do I eliminate it?
Thanks for your help.

If I understand you correctly, you can switch your main Home Page from the second page’s Page Settings Panel. There is a House icon which will make it the new home page; it will make your current home page a regular page (you can delete it later, too).

Hope this helps!

Happy New Year,

Hey Ethan.

Yes, that is the answer I was looking for.

I wish all problems in life were this easy.

Thanks so much, and Happy New Year.