Figuring out newly purchased template

Hello, I just purchased the UNO template and I am trying to figure out how to use 1 of the several options for the homepage, works, etc. I have tried to drag Homepage 3 up out of the folder but it isn’t working. I ams ure I am doing something wrong.

Here is my read only link

Thank you

Hello @remix

Instead of dragging the home page out of the folder, in the page settings change the parent folder on the menu:

and select none:

then if you want that version of the home page to be the main home page change this setting:


and you’re good to go.

OK…got that to work. Thanks!! I need to figure out now how to select the pages I want and then to customize the nav bar so I can get rid of the drop downs, relink the pages, etc. It would have been nice if this cam with some basic documentation ( I realize this is basic stuff).