I am newbie here :)

HI guys ; i just wanna roadmap for learning webflow untill master this wondurful tool and must be master to be freelancer ?
thanks in advance.

I think the timeline to master webflow depends on a couple factors. First would be your understanding of the code webflow is generating. Even though it is a ‘visual builder’ the underlying concepts are still the same. So, if you have a firm understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then you will be able to learn to use webflow faster. If you don’t, then your learning curve will be higher and it will probably take a bit longer. Another factor would be how much time are spending with the tool. The time spent using webflow will directly affect how quickly you learn how to use it. I would start by doing the free webflow university courses/lessons. Hope that’s helpful.

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Welcome @Anas to the community :slight_smile:

Here is a great roadmap for you:

Good luck in your journey

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