Hi Everyone,

I am trying to write a little code to hide the “underline_div” element at 1120px and below on my home page. I know I need to use an html embed, but am having trouble writing the code properly. Below is a screenshot of where the div lives in my html currently.

Would someone be able to help me, please? Thank you!!

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@media screen and (max-width: 1120px) {
  .underline_div {
    display: none;

EDIT: Added style block that is needed with CSS to avoid confusion.

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Thank you SO much! This is super helpful. I’ve put this code into an “html code embed” directly under the underline in the Nav, but the code is showing up as text instead of making a change. Would you be able to help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

I have also applied the “underline_div” class to the “html embed” element, but am getting the same result.

CSS has to be wrapped in a style block.

<style> css code </style>

OH! That explains so much. Thank you thank you!! I really appreciate it.