Embed Dropbox video in custom code

Hi everyone,

I am trying to embed a dropbox link from a video to my website. I put a HTML embed code thing with this code:

And it is sort of working, i can hear the audio of the video but I don’t see the video itself (screenshot)

This is the website:

This is the link to my dropbox file.

I hope someone can help me!
Thank you in advance!

So I forgot to add the screenshots. But here is the code i’m using and the outcome



I thought I’d chime in even though this post is way old. :smiley:

I was recently exploring this topic for embedding dropbox videos in a Webflow page and came across the same issue → video/no, audio/yes.

I found that the issue was the .mov video format that my iPhone was exporting to. So, you’ll need to convert your videos to a .mp4 format.

To try it out, you can convert them for free here: Adobe Express

You’ll obviously need to grab the new dropbox video link for the .mp4 and follow the same embed procedure.

Hope this works out for you and for anyone else that stumbles on this! :smiley:

Have you found a better way to do the same for .mov files? The problem is that .mov can have transparent backgrounds unlike .mp4 files


Step 1: Get the video embed code. Note: Dropbox does not have an in-built embed option to insert videos. However, we can manually create one.

Step 2: Insert the video embed code in the Pop-up. Use the following steps to insert the video embed in your Pop-up.