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Html of some size

so the question is how in webflow build of htmls of custom size
like example i need 200x200 layot html to import in existing website (not in webflow)
so i want design so html picture and text and import in my site
how to do that? because when i start work in designer i see just a big template for website.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Very weird Q. You know a little HTML -or- CSS? HTML file is not like photoshop or InDesign file (You don’t set the size for the HTML)

You could set the size of the body -or- any other element inside the body (divs/section/p/and so on). Related: Box model -and- Width & Height units

In your case create any div/section/element you want (Example - create a div - Set the width/height to 200px x 200px). Export code - put the code ("<div class="hello">hello</div>’) inside your site (+ Insert CSS). Done.

When you paste this code - do not copy-paste again the html and body tags.