HTML Embed with Tabs

Hey guys,

Has anyone had a problem with the content in their HTML embeds in Tabs? Mine is that the content size seems to be at max-width 400px until the window gets resized and then it goes to its normal size. The interesting thing is that if one of these tabs is active on page load the content is at full size.

I would think it was a problem with my code but I have two separate examples in the same tab bar that have the same behaviour. Any ides?

Can you try to put 100% on the Embed element?

and in the code:

Hey Vincent,

Tried the above without any luck. I have a third JS element in the Q&A tab that doesn’t have sizing issues so I am curious why the map and the chart are behaving the same and not the Q&A embed.

Then it is more likely that it’s a plugin issue. Let the developers of the plugin know that their auto element resize is broken when resizing the window.

Is there a script to force auto element resize? I could try and place it inside of the map and chart scripts.

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