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How'd They Do It?

How’d manage interactions with their dropdown menu? It seems like there are two different interactions when hovering one of the buttons. If you hover over “features”, “why webflow” and “resources” while coming from anywhere but one of those buttons, the dropdown has a nice smooth size in effect.

However, to not make that jarring when you hover from one button “features” to another “why webflow”, they have a separate animation where the dropdown is already visible, but the text slides in left or right.

Even further, the sliding in left and right depends if you enter the button from the left or from the right.

Pretty cool.

Hi @milkyway,

It is pretty neat indeed. I’m just about to post a video tutorial about how to make a custom slider in Webflow and if I were to do the dropdown of the Webflow site I will probably use a similar technic.

I will post it here as it could be one possible answer.

Soon soon :slight_smile:


@max: Sounds good :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if @webflow would share a read-only link of their website because there are many neat effects also I would be interested in how they structure and organize such a big page.

I’m really excited to see this @Maximosaurus.

I believe @ryanmorrison is working on a blog post about how he built out the new navigation for Webflow :smile:

I’m looking forward to it as well!


@Maximosaurus Can’t Wait!

@Waldo That would be amazing.

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