How would you have Different Author Info, in dyanamic posts

So basically this is what my Author Info section looks like, but I want it to change depending on what author wrote the article. The name image and social icons would change. How would I go about doing this?

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Please take a look at reference fields in the help center.

I’ve actually have been playing with references, as well as looking for videos on how to do it. Can you please link me to something I can’t seem to find any how to, thank you in advance

Nevermind I have figured it out,

If anyone else ever finds this and wants to add authors.

First you set up an Authors Collection, and add all your authors.

On your Blog Post collection settings add a single reference connected to your authors collection

on your blog posts (In the collection) add the authors

then on your blog post template, add whatever you are trying to update automatically (Say an image or name) and when you click the the settings gear. Bind that to the reference of the author you chose.

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