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How Would I Setup Columns Like This in Webflow?

How Would I Setup Columns Like This in Webflow? I was setting up the features in a multi-reference, but I need to break those up even further into sub categories. Any suggestions? There must be a better way.

Why don’t you put all the features and whatever fields you have into rich text elements in each collection?

I think in this case that will be best yes. Multi-ref field in pointless in this case.

This is a bit different but I made this page using two different collections that were referenced.

The product description is just a rich text.but then below the table that shows diff between each model and specs, the models were a separate CMS collection.

It was indeed a pain in the but.

Is there any way to have a repeater table or grid row of content when the amount of rows is unknown? Let’s say I have a features list and one product needs 10 rows and another needs 12 rows. How can I make it so a client can add and remove rows? Any workarounds since dynamic grid fields don’t exists?

If you’re talking about a list, why not just use the rich text again and let the client fill it out as they wish?

Well you could have infinite amount of rows…

In the example I gave, some pool tables have 4-5 choices while others have less.

But because the “rows” are just a referenced CMS collection, it will only show the number of models tied to that collection…