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Collection Organization Help 🤔

I would love some help thinking through how to organize my collections for a site I’m building.

My client has a list of boats he wants to display in a table format. There are two different types of boats, each of which require different column data, and I’m giving each of these their own collection at the moment.

Within each of these two types, however, there are multiple categories and my client needs the ability to add new categories himself via the CMS. There will be tables underneath each category heading. Here is a rough visual to illustrate:

My client needs the ability to add essentially unlimited categories and entries within the tables. Any ideas on how to best structure this in the CMS would be massively helpful, as I’m a bit stuck at the moment. Thanks in advance!

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The problem I’m running into is the limits on collection fields. My current set up is to have a “Boat Type #1” collection and a “Boat Type #2” collection. These house the entries that go in the tables underneath those headings. Then I have a “Boat Type #1 Lists” collection and a “Boat Type #2 Lists” collection, which are used to create the different category lists needed. The problem is that I have to use a bunch of single reference fields on the “Lists” collections (referencing the “Type #1” and “Type #2” collections) to create the lists, because unlike multi-reference fields they enable you to pull data from what you’re referencing. However, I can only add 5 reference fields per “List” collection entry, which is not enough. You should be able to see all this and understand it better by looking at my collections in the read only link below.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - GMS

@ChaseWhitney - I don’t see a way for you to solve this with Webflow. If it had a repeater field then yes, but it doesn’t. Webflow does not support tables with collection lists either and CSS Grid is not a table replacement. You could look into using Airtable and embed tables into your page or choose another CMS all together. I know a few that could handle this easily.

This is very sad. :frowning: I’d much rather be able to design everything in Webflow and not have to give my client an additional thing to have to log into, like Airtable, to maintain their site.