Can I integrate Webflow into my development workflow


I Hope someone can help me with this because I’ve been looking around and can’t quite find the answer I am looking for.

I am currently learning the Microsoft stack. (Blazor) however something I have found hard is writing HTML and CSS to the images I have stored in my mind.

Something that Webflow advertises is that you can export the HTML and CSS of the webflow websites. How actually practical is this? If it is as really good as it sounds this would be a life saver!

I understand webflow is meant to be the “No code” platform but being able to focus more on my backend/functionality of my frontend.

p.s I am still learning all of this so if I am chatting utter banana’s please let me know :smiley:

Any help would be appreciated.

CMS stuff does not come through, but you can get a CSV. If you stay away from interactions, then conversion is pretty easy. How hard is it? All depends upon your skills. Note that round trips can be a pain.

I comp a lot in Webflow, and build in code. You can inspect your CSS in the designer and if working outside of WF you can have much more manageable CSS because descendant selectors are not possible with the designer.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for getting back to me. it’s super helpful to have someone to discuss this with.

Do you have any examples where this has been used before? I think the main thing here I would like to do is the following:

Create something on a visual canvas.
Take the HTML and CSS that I have just built (if possible).
Put it into a Framework like Blazor.
Then build the functionality in C#/JS adding my own backend.

I hope that makes sense?

Hello Joey!

So ironically, I had the same idea. :grinning:
I wanted to build a SPA using Blazor. To practice Blazor, I wanted to build a web application but expedite the Html / Css aspect by creating an elegant template and chopping it into components, and then using my backend to create dynamic content. That mission led me to Webflow.

The short answer to your question is yes, Webflow can be integrated into your workflow, and from my experience, I’ve been very pleased.

The long answer to your question there is a few caveats.

A few issues I’ve run into along the way:

As Jeff mentioned, if your template is static (no interactions or animations), it’s very easy. Pretty much export, then copy and paste into your components/ Razor Pages. However, I did have some interactions and animations in my Webflow template. They won’t work out of the box but using the Webflow forums and a few modifications; I was able to get them working perfectly without a ton of effort. Most of the issues aren’t specific to Blazor and are more around the nature of SPA designs. However, using Blazor’s JS Interop, you can still leverage the Javascript generated by Webflow.

Most of the other issues I experienced weren’t related to Webflow and were more focused on specific browsers and how Blazor renders content. Those issues were simple to resolve.

If you experience any of the problems I did, I would be more than willing to assist with my solutions.

Good luck, and Welcome to the Webflow and Blazor community!


Hi Anthony,

This is really really helpful and thank you so much, this gives me great motivation to continue to use webflow. If you have a spare 10 minutes at some point I would love to jump in a call to see how you have used webflow with Blazor (It’s amazing not to be the only one trying this) Even if not I am very thankful for you getting back to me!

Kind regards,

Sure, I can do that. I’ll send you a message.

I had a call with Joey and shared with him all of the materials that helped me along my journey.
For anyone else interested in Blazor and Webflow, I’m linking my Notion document on how to get Webflow to work perfectly with your Blazor application (Interactions and Animations included).
Hopefully this saves you the hours I spent searching the Webflow Forums, Blazor Github, Stack Overflow, and experimenting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi AKH925,

I can not get templates with parallox style scrolling to work in Blazor after exporting from weblow. I am new to weblflow so was not able to fully understand the message thread resolution you offered but would greatly appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

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