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How to use exported animations?

Does anyone know how to use webflow animations after exporting the code in javascript?
Like lets say you add a new button and would like to reuse an exported webflow animation onClick, how would one go about this?

Are there any tutorials about this?

I think alot of people would love to learn more about this :wink:

anyone? is this even possible?

Webflow’s IX2 works fine on exporting a site but it is not really designed to be customized once exported. However you can inspect the code and manipulate it as you see fit. I personally have not bothered, choosing to instead use third party animation libraries like GSAP.

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Thank you @webdev, looking for Webflow IX2 helped me find the solution.

This post is kind of a duplicate of this.
I guess the simplest way to reuse animations, is to bind them to a hidden button and call them with like that:

StackOverflow also explain how you can fire the ClickEvent only.

Still would be nice to have a tutorial about this, the docs in this forum seem a litle bit outdated :slight_smile: