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How to trigger webflow IX2 animation with javascript?

Hello i’m trying to trigger webflow animation using the IX2 with javascript after ajax call finishs
i saw a post: How to trigger Webflow interactions using JavaScript
it seems very helpful but the mod is using the old ix1 and the syntax changed there is a dicst of events and actionLists
here is an exemple:

any idea how to trigger this ?

events: {
    "e-3": {
        id: "e-3",
        eventTypeId: "MOUSE_CLICK",
        action: {
            id: "",
            actionTypeId: "GENERAL_START_ACTION",
            config: {
                delay: 0,
                easing: "",
                duration: 0,
                actionListId: "a",
                affectedElements: {},
                playInReverse: false,
                autoStopEventId: "e-4"
        mediaQueries: [ "main", "medium", "small", "tiny" ],
        target: {
            appliesTo: "ELEMENT",
            styleBlockIds: [],
            id: "5c9fc19e4ccfeb1ae8bd639f|92b2630c-5193-ca13-e989-7185ff25dfc1"
        config: {
            loop: false,
            scrollOffsetValue: null,
            scrollOffsetUnit: null,
            delay: null,
            direction: null,
            effectIn: null
        createdOn: 1554246681518

I would like to know this as well please.

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@Chougrani_Brahim @Jonathan_Aird did either of you guys ever figure anything out for this?

You can have a hidden element that triggers an animation onclick (but say width and height at 0) and do something like document.getelementbyid(“id”).click()