How to turn off read only mode?

Site suddenly went into read only. How to fix this. After days of working/experimenting with WF everything suddenly went jumbled all over the place. Even my slide shows are lost.
Hoping this is not, uh, permanent…


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

here you can turn off

and if any problem you can’t fix, here can restore backup

Thanks Guoshuzhang,

Yes, as you suggested, I turned that off.

I was just in the final lap completing a first site when I started getting that read only was not saving with that orange warning. I also got a “route not found” notice at the same time. (?)

Now backups had been working fine until then. Even going back a couple of hours when the site was perfect (more or less), the backups didn’t work and the slide show elements and even the graphic overlays in the backgrounds were missing.

I’m sure its something i did, but maybe WF did as well.
Anybody’s suggestions appreciated. Back to the rebuild tomorrow…Cheers