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How to turn nav dropdown links into regular nav links (no dropdown needed)


I am using a template in which all nav links have dropdowns with links. I would like to have a few nav links without dropdown. Just clickable links in the top nav menu. I tried dragging the link out of the div block with no success. I would appreciate any help with that.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @jasnos,

Dropdown links have to be placed in dropdown lists, however, it looks like you’ve cracked it already! You have a text link with a class of Nav Link in the top nav with ‘Text Link’ written. You can double click on the nav which opens up the dynamic element and then select the text. A menu option appears with on a cog to the right of the blue box. Click the cog which opens up link settings. Then click on the second icon along of a white page which lets you select a page of the site to link to from a dropdown list.

If you want to add another link you can drag a ‘Text Link’ into the nav. You’ll have to delete the existing Dropdown links I think.

Hope this helps, good luck.


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Thank you @Meteorites!

I tried adding one regular nav link. I will try to add more and hopefully it will work. But… Although, I managed to hide the nav link on smaller screens, I still don’t know how to add it to the dropdown menu that appears on mobile.

Hi @jasnos,

You don’t need to hide on desktop and appear on mobile. One link for both. You have a ‘nav menu’ and then a ‘div’ block with the drop downs. Drag the link into the ‘div’ that sits within the ‘nav menu’ that should work. Don’t forget to then turn on the eye when in mobile view so the link shows up.



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Thanks! I will try that