How to transfer data from a custom form to stripe?

Hello webflow friends)

I have a problem, I have an online store with 3 digital products. The thing is that on the product page I need to make such inputs as selecting the quantity of goods and radio buttons, where you can select the type of product (for a gift, for yourself or for a corporate purchase) and when you select the type, fields appear in the form of name and email. Then the user clicks the buy button and is taken to the checkout page. They fill in all the payment fields. And when the payment is successful, all this data is collected in a json file and sent to an external server.

I will send it to the external server through a webhook stripe. I only need to make sure that all the data goes to the stripe after payment.

So I wanted to ask how I can implement this? Thank you very much for your help)

Hey Vlad,

What you’re describing here depends entirely on the stack you’re using, which isn’t clear from your post. Webflow ECommerce is entirely different from Foxy, Ecwid, Paypal buy now buttons…

I’d recommend you look at all of them to see what works best for you.

For a highly custom solution though, I’d look at Wized. It has payment capabilities built in, I believe through Stripe integration, and it supports much more complex UI’s. I’d expect it’s the best approach for any non-standard setup you want to build.

Isn’t there any way to do it as I’ve described? Maybe there are some custom code options to just send the data from the custom form to the stripe?

I mean sure, you can take any HTML form, plus custom code and some form of custom middle tier solution, and integration that with Stripe. None of that has anything to do with Webflow at all though- you’d likely find more information by studying their API docs. If you get stuck, a Stripe dev forum might be able to point you in the right direction.

As @memetican said you would need to review Stripe’s api docs on doing this: Custom payment flow | Stripe Documentation

I have done this before with Webflow, but it really has nothing to do with the platform you are building the front-end on, you’ll need to build something in between your front-end and stripe to handle the payment data and pass it along since you will not be able to expose sensitive data in the client.