I need the json to be sent to an external server after payment for the product

Hello everyone, I have just started developing ecomers, I have such a problem

I have a product page, on it there is a type of product either for myself or for a gift. When the user chooses a gift, he or she is presented with a field for entering the mail to whom to give it. Then he clicks on payment and fills in the payment details. And after successful payment, the json file along with the payment data and the data on what type of product and to whom the product will be sent as a gift should be sent to the external service.

I just don’t understand how to implement this?
Can I do it through webflow logs? Or is there some other mechanism to implement this?

Thank you very much in advance for your help, I hope someone will be able to help me

Hi Vlad,

I have not tried building this with Webflow ecom, but I believe you can have some custom fields as part of your order data capture.

I’d build a nice “give a gift” UX with your checkbox and email capture, and then capture the email specifically into a custom order field.

When the order is submitted, Webflow fires an API webhook to indicate new order received. You’d build an automation or back-end system that triggers on those new orders and then;

  • Checks to see if there’s a gift email, and if so-
  • Takes the order data you need, to create your JSON
  • Submits your JSON to your gift delivery service
  • Logs the event and notifies you so you can monitor its work