How to style list in Rich Text Blog


I’m just working on my site and trying to style the lists in the blog post rich text. It’s different in colour and font. Any help would be appreciated.


Website page:


I’m not sure what you mean - also please could you post your read only link?


Sorry @cccurtis. I was half asleep when I posted.

Essentially, I am trying to format the bullet points to be aligned to the normal text.

I am also having difficulty editing the text colour of the links in the paragraph.

These are all within the Rich Text container bound to the blog text.

Please see screenshot below


Take a look at the video in this post @R_TP Adjust indent of bullet list in rich text element. It shows how to change any element inside an Rich text field.

Great - thanks @sarahfrison. Worked perfectly!

yay, happy to hear that @R_TP!