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How to Split webflow.css + webflow.js AND webflow-cms.css + webflow-cms.js for Regular Pages and CMS pages?

I have different CSS and JS needs for Static Pages (webflow-main) and CMS Pages (webflow-cms)

How do I accomplish the following in designer?

  1. webflow-main - static pages - use designer as usual, outputs and serves standard webflow-main.css and webflow-main.js file
  2. webflow-cms - dynamic pages - use designer as usual, work on .css and .js independent of webflow-main css and js, serve only webflow-cms.css and webflow-cms.js, does NOT serve webflow-main.css nor webflow-main.js.

Ideally, have MAIN-CLASSES served only on static pages and CMS-CLASSES served only on cms pages.

Too many redundant classes between -main and -cms. Have different serving needs need to truncate big css and js file into seperate -main and -cms files respectfully.