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How to show image off canvas

I have a div with 2 columns. In one column there’s a text, in another there’s an image. I want to have 2 different layouts (image on left and image on right) to have better visual contrasts between these divs.

See sample:

My problem is when I resize the window, the image on the right gets resized as well. But this is not something I want. I want to have part of the image off the canvas as you can see in the first example where the image is on the left. I tried almost everything and I don’t know how to setup it in Webflow…

Can you share any advice?



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Hi @agilek,

I would suggest using position:relative for the parent element of the image, and position:absolute for the image itself. Then, you can place the image where you would like.

The tutorial at Webflow’s University provides some great insight:

Hopefully this helps :blush:

Best regards,

Thanks! I will look at it.

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