How to show half div block, and add a shadow effect, do I need a code?

Hi Guys,

Jerome from China, a non-code webflow user for 2 years.
I met a problem regarding how to add a shadow effect before clicking the “show more” button.
Can anyone help with how to add this effect and click to show more?
Here is my sample read-only link: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow

Here is a quick video link: Screen-Recording-2022-07-07...

Thank you
Best Regards

Hey Jerome!
I believe this is usually done as an interaction.
Setting the div overflow to hidden will make sure anything outside the box wont show, and then using an interaction to change the box size upon clicking the “Show More” button

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your help, I just made a try and it seems goods.
But I didn’t figure how to add the shadow effect, could you please help suggest how to make it?
Here is the read-only link: Design Responsive Websites - Webflow