How to show a Play icon on a video in Lightbox

The thumbnail on a Lightbox that is linked to a video doesn’t show a Play icon. How is a user supposed to know to click on it to show the video? How can I get a Play icon to link to my video, like every other video in the whole wide world?

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@rcstot your read-only link is not working? Can you fix that?

I will take a look if I can see your project.

Can’t you just change the image and upload a play icon?


Yes, I can but that’s an extra step times the many videos I have to post from Video. Why can’t Vineo supply the Play button like YouTube and everybody else does?

Vimeo does have a play button if you use the embed code. However I believe you’re using webflows lightbox which serves many functions, only one of which is light-boxing a vimeo video.

But with that being said, you should only need to do this to one and then you can copy the video section and just change the vimeo lightbox link

Hi Thomas,

I’m building the exact thing following your tips. Question is, how to make it act as a play button because I can click anywhere on the video to play, but not on the custom icon?