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Click anywhere on a video to play it?

My embedded video thumbnail looks like this

Naturally, site visitors will want to click on the bird’s wing.

Once embedded in my site, it looks like this

The only way to play the video is to click the default play button.

Is there a way to have the video play if any area of the the thumbnail is clicked?
And even better, can you “switch off” the default play button?

Thanks for your help in advance !


You can use the Vimeo API to control your video. So that you can apply the Play trigger to any element. You’ll then be able to apply it to a poster image for your video, totally covering the video so the defaut play button is masked.

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Hi Vincent

Thanks for your response.
I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with the coding side of things to know where to start…:frowning:

Is there perhaps another way? Or can you walk me through the code without pulling your hair out :slight_smile:

Me neither, I always need a dev to handle API things.

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