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How to set value of "Relative to" box in Position section?

I’m trying to modify a Dropdown List inside a Navbar element. I have a div named Block Navbar just inside the Navbar and I have its position set to Relative. I’ve set the Dropdown List’s position to Absolute and I want it to be relative to the Block Navbar element instead of the Navbar element which it’s defaulting to. How do I set the “Relative to:” form field to “Block Navbar”? When I click on “Nav Menu” in the form field it becomes a brighter white but there doesn’t seem to be any way to change that value to “Block Navbar”. It should be allowed since Block Navbar has a relative position. I watched both the new and old lessons on positioning and the discuss everything about relative positioning except how to change that one form field. I’ve also searched for help on this but couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

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hi @robertfdev when you set your Navbar to position:static your Absolutely positioned element will be now relative to Block Navbar. But it may have a negative impact to manage your design under control. To better understand positioning you should watch or read any source on internet related to this topic as it is basic CSS knowledge not directly related to WF.