How To Reorder CMS Pages on Homepage

I need to put my second CMS page that is shown as a huge picture on my homepage above my first one. I tried to drag and drop and move them but it doesn’t work. I have no idea if CMS can even do this. Basically i have 3 CMS pages shown on my website’s homepage, from top to bottom vertical scrolling. I want to move my second item to above my first and let users see that one first when they open my site.

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Hi Kevin,

You only have one collection list on your homepage, showing 3 items.
You can use the sort setting to choose how you want to sort it.

If you’re wanting the items to appear in a specific order, add a number field to the collection, and assign 1, 2, 3, then sort on that.

Follow @memetican’s suggestion and you’ll be good to go - was about to hit post on the same :smile: