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How to remove vertical scroll to splash/landing page for mobile devices

Hey guys,

I’ve just made a ‘coming soon’ splash/landing page. It works fine on all optimised sizes, but when it comes to mobile phones, there is a vertical scroll. How do I remove this? Ideally, i’d like to enter webpage with the logo & social media fixed to the page and don’t need a mini scroll to have them centre to the page.

My website link:

I hope I’m making sense…I’ve attached a photo (i would upload a video but it doesn’t look like i can…)

Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure why this is happening but wondered if you’d played with the settings of the background image?

You could try setting the height to 100%. If that doesn’t work, maybe try setting it to ‘contain’ and ‘fixed’.

Just troubleshooting.

Found out that one of my layers for the mobile phone option was acting independently from the base break point. So I reset all my layers in terms of position & set the height to 100%, background on ‘fixed’. Just checked and its now alright!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: