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How to Remove Grid Area

I’ve accidentally set an “Area” at one of my grids. I know Grid area is really powerful but I’ve been having troubles with it.

  1. Once i create the area across multiple boxes, I couldn’t (or don’t know how) to edit the space. E.g. If it is across 3 boxes and I want to move it to 2… somehow i couldnt edit it.

  2. I want to remove the area. But i couldn’t.

I’ve been using this resource BUT i don’t know how to remove the pre-set area. Please show me how to remove the AREA. 10q very much. :frowning:

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This is more than a year later, but in case any one else finds this and to prevent their possible suicide… this is the worst UX I’ve possibly ever seen. BY ACCIDENT… I discovered that you have to RIGHT CLICK on the area. It seems to appear no where else.

WHY O WHY they don’t put delete in the small drop down arrow makes no sense to me at all. I mean, this is like UX 101… why would you HIDE something as important as delete? Especially when you have so much room? PLEASE, fix this!

FYI… this thread is the first hit on Google.

Hello, I need help with this too. When trying to create a responsive design I’m going from a 4x3 in dekstop view to 2x6 in mobile view. Since I’ve defined the areas, I can’t delete the last column in tablet view which is preventing from switching to 2x6.

In the image, I’ve already deleted the last column it’s not working unfortunately. Please help asap

I had to look this up myself. But once you know where to look it’s quite easy.