How to redirect form submission to success page and then to homepage WITHOUT CMS

My forms are currently redirected to Integromat (Make). I want it to go back to the home page AFTER taking you to the success page.
But I am currently unable to do that. It can only go to the home page or the success page, not one after the other.

I am not using CMS.


Hi Khadija, I’m not sure what this means.

Is the user experience you want- submit the form, see the success page load and then immediately be taken to the homepage?

Typically you’d want them to be able to see what’s on the success page, so you’d have a button to take them home when they’re ready, or you could do a javascript countdown timer and redirect.

Whatever you do navigationally from the success page, it would be done on the success page itself, not as part of your form or automation.

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Thank you so much Michael!

I’ll add a home button to the success page now. Thank you for this, really.