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How to redirect a link to an updated asset?

Hi there,

We have a client that uploaded a file (newsletter) through a collection and distributed the link (asset) to their customers. They then needed to edited the pdf and re-uploaded it (keeping the same file name) however it gave renamed the file ID and changed the link.

Is there a way a 301 redirect can take the old asset link to the new asset link? We posted the another asset question of the same nature 18 months ago - hoping a solution available now.


Most probably, create a 301 from the old url to the new one and see for yourself. Next time distribute the URL of a download page so you don’t run into the same issue.

We tried the 301 redirect however it doesn’t seem to work on assets.
Agree, we did make that suggestion to the client regarding a link to the page rather than direct asset.
Thanks for replying Vincent :slight_smile: