301 redirect on an asset

Hello anyone
Having trouble with a redirect of a pdf asset to a new pdf asset.
I added:
/5b4580068b9f0f3159664597/5d4cfa178620ae2ac7396b6e_Edition%2012%2C%20Draft%206%20reduced%5B2%5D.pdf to redirect to https://assets.website-files.com/5b4580068b9f0f3159664597/5d4d07e4e11fbe6aa0680453_Edition%2012%2C%20Draft%206%20reduced[2].pdf
Client sent out an email with a link to view the pdf however there was a type and the pdf was updated. The old pdf is still an asset as we don’t want viewers clicking on a 404 page.
However its not working … any ideas/help?

You can’t set redirects on Webflow CDN assets. So there is nothing you can do except update your subscribers with a new link.

To avoid this in the future, consider using a cloud service to host the resource where you can control the asset, and replace it as needed.

Thank you for responding - appreciate it.