How to put logo in the header, edit testimonials and link home page button in the side bar back to home page?


I need help with the following on my tempo agency template. Thanks

  1. Testimonials - which I have no idea how to edit 2) Put logo in the header - Again, no idea how to do it 3) Home page link in the menu bar (top right) not clicking back to the home page

Read only link:

Published link:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @nbatta

I will create a screen record where you can see how to do the things you are asking for.

Piter :blue_heart:

Hi @PiterDimitrov

I will be very thankful to you. Will look forward to the screen record.


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Here’s the video >

If there’s something you don’t understand I will be happy to help. Feel free to ask :wink:

Piter :blue_heart:

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Hi @nbatta,
1) Testimonials

  • Go to Navigator (F) and then select “Testimonails Content”.
  • Then switch to Style (S) and set Display to “Block”
  • Now you can edit your texts
  • Don’t forget to hide “Testimonails Content” back after your edits.
  1. Logo in the header
  • In Navigator (F) double click “Navigation” symbol
  • Then select “Navigation Left” object and put inside your image. You can also wrap the image by link bock to make it link :slight_smile:
  1. Home link
  • I don’t see this issue, works well for me. Describe more please.

Hope it helps!

Oh :grinning: You were faster!

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:smile: No problem. We are here to help


Thanks @PiterDimitrov It was helpful. I am not sure why it is happening at my end that I can’t click Home through menu. Doesn’t show me the option to click it. When you checked, it worked fine (7 minutes 14 secs). Any possible reason what’s wrong at my end? Is it my browser? I am working on chrome.

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Hm I’m really not sure. Works great for me. I work with chrome too.

Piter :blue_heart:

Thanks @hellomalek I have been banging my head how to edit testimonials. But now it’s all good.

@PiterDimitrov Thanks nonetheless, your recording was helpful

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