How do I edit this template?

Hi guys,

Just new to the community.

I appreciate the help. I know this is easy but I may seem not be getting how to edit this.

I bought a theme and look at the GIF below.

  1. If you would look at the GIF, when i type the domain it would load the supposed home page of the website. However, after a few seconds it would show this error page is not updated etc., It would then redirect to this home page.

  2. When I click about or services or projects, it would then do the same.

  3. I am confused because I bought this template and on the designer module the home module is different compared to that home page that loaded at first.

I tried to restore it to the first version of the template the original one.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you guys!!


Can you please provide a read only link to your website. Then I would be glad to take a look and see what is happening for you.


Hi Terresa,

I appreciate your response!

Here is the link :

Thank you so much!

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for the response. Here you go!

Read only


I took a look at it. I’ll have a screen recording for you shortly.


Thank you so much Teresa!

Your very welcome. :slight_smile:

So the area that show (HOME, ABOUT, SERVICES, ETC.) is your navigation It is on all your pages. In the designer, it shows it to you by default settings so you can edit it. But if you preview your site you will see the home page underneath. You can toggle it on and off in the designer to work on the home page.

And for your services and projects page, it is currently unlinked. You will need to click on the nav link, go to settings and set the page for that.


Here is the video:

Teresa :slight_smile:

Also your HOME link isn’t working. Let me know if you would like a video for that too. Or, because it’s a bit complicated I could do it for you - would take me under 5 minutes.


Hi Teresa!

Thank you so much for your patience! I am very grateful!!!

Now I get it, I think I get it actually. The issue is I cannot edit the home page because of the broken link. To save time, maybe if you find free time from your busy schedule you can show me the video :frowning: I tried searching on my own from Webflow university but I cant find one thats easy to understand cause I cannot seem to locate the specific page for the entire home page. i tried to scavange the entire parent tree.

Also for your other question I just ucse Cloudapp! Its the paid version now which is why as you can see, I can use my own domain. But they do have a free account. :slight_smile: I know its quite hassle for you to screen record then upload to vimeo.

I am sure you will love Cloudapp!

Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from you.


Sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I got super busy on a few projects.

I tried Cloudapp and you are right, love it! :slight_smile:

Would you still like a video on how to change your HOME link?