How to prevent CSS-File name from changing?

Hello guys!

Does anybody know how I can keep the name of the CSS file consistent?
It seems that it is always creating a new one (random number) everytime I am publishing again.

names are e.g.:

I need this because we bring in external content from another service via an iFrame, this document is also accessing the Webflow-CSS file – so I have to be able to give them an URL which is not always changing.

Many thanks in advance! :pray:t3:

(I am aware that usually a Read Only link helps but in this case it won´t add any value I guess)

This is not possible with Webflow hosted sites.

Eh, that´s not what I wanted to hear haha.
But thanks anyway!

You could handle this by self hosting the project. Of course that has limitations to address.

Yes, this was my thought as plan B. :+1:t3:
Would be so great if Webflow would offer some webspace with the hosting, this is so handy for many cases …

Thank you!