How to mimic these intereactions/effects

Hi everyone!

I’m having a difficult time designing my interactions to be as fluid as the ones on this page:

I know how to use interactions for the scroll effect but any advice on how to make the elements move this fluidly when I scroll up and down on the page? Does it have to do with loop or offsets?

Thanks a billion in advance! P.S. I need to have this known by this evening

Hi @mrsnewbie

What you are looking for is an interaction that “scroll jacks”. (Meaning, hijacking the user’s default scrolling action and using it as a way to animate elements)

Scroll jacking isn’t the best UX (user experience) in my honest opinion. While it does offer a slight “wow” factor, it makes the experience cumbersome.

Instead, why not just use the Webflow scroll interactions to help tell the message of your page?

Remember, it’s best to let you copy and imagery tell your story and not the effects. There is one movie director that like to tell story with effects. His name is Michael Bay :wink:

Lastly, here is an example of a Webflow site that has lots of effects but done tastefully -

Hope this helps :smile:


Thank you for the quick reply Nelson! I 100% agree with you about the experience it gives. I don’t want this on the site but my client doesn’t, hence, I need to make it as such. Any suggestions how on how to utilize Webflow to “scroll jacks” ?

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