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How to make the Footer appear at the bottom of the page

Hi guys!

I didn’t find a solution to make footer at the bottom of page WITHOUT sticking it. Fix position isn’t what I want. There is a lot of content on a page and you need to scroll down to see everything. And I want see my footer only after I scroll all page.
I found some topics about it but there were broken links.
Thank in advance.

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Hi @As_Gen

The issue
I see that you have a height value of 100vh on “Home Gallery” which is the main section of your page. And the footer has a fixed position.

The solution

  • Remove the “Home Gallery” height value
  • Add a min height of 100vh (optional)
  • Remove the position value of the footer
  • Remove the absolute value of the Div block that contains the footer.

You can remove the footer from this div block altogether and delete the div block if you don’t need it.

​Hope this is helpful.

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That’s work! Thanks a lot.

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