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How to Make Section Horizontally Scroll

Hi fellows,

I struggle with Horizontal Scrolling.

Imagine the following:

1 - mouse hovers over one Section.
2 - you start to scroll your mouse vertically over that section.
3 - you see that only section content scrolls horizontally.
4 - everything outside that section is frozen from scrolling.

By any chance anyone found a way to create this great effect?


If you will travel to Section 3 (Green Color). How to make him to scroll horizontally without scrolling vertically?

Thanks everyone.

Did you ever figure out how to do this? I’m looking to do the same thing and I can’t find a good tutorial!

Hi Brady, I have explored many ways and places - no luck.
I believe the way to make it is to use a Code. If you strongly need that scrolling effect - I guess the way would be to hire a Coder of that single Section, or to learn how to make it through Code by yourself.

If you are seeking alternative solution for horizontal navigation over single section, feel free to check my following website:
Scroll down to “Work” section. Click “Review Here” and Choose “Photo”. There you will see a bar below with a “Start >>>” indication. Give it a try and see if this solution will help you in some way. Otherwise Coding shall be involved to achieve what we wanted to.

Please, should you find a solution I did not - share with me, I would be very grateful!

All the best!

Nikita Merge