Horizontal Scroll but only when interacted with?

Hi! I’ve found this tutorial on how to make a site that, while scrolling down, has a section that scrolls horizontally before returning to a normal vertical scroll. However, I’m trying to make a section of my site that has horizontal scroll but only scrolls horizontally when the user interacts with that section. Similar to how the iOS App Store site manages screenshots..

I’ve found some sites that show how to do this with CSS but I haven’t been able to replicate it in webflow. Does anyone have any tips? Thank you so much!

Hi @caseyls,

I’m also looking to achieve this effect for my new portfolio site: https://ueno.co/work/lonely-planet

I would be enormously appreciative of anyone that can help on this, @vincent usually has the skills and knowledge on this kinda component - show us the way!



I am trying to allow the image extend outside of it’s bootstrap container horizontally, up to the maximum width of the viewport and allow no horizontal scrolling. I am also trying to hide the vertical overflow.

I’m close but haven’t quite figured it out. I’ve tried combinations overflow-y/x:hidden/visible but couldn’t get there.

Any suggestions?
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