How to Make Page Responsive

Hello, I have a site that I’m trying to recreate in Webflow. I used all the exact same CSS from the other site and the site I’m trying to recreate is responsive, but mine is not responsive even though I used the same exact CSS. I have no clue what to do to make my page responsive like the other site. I don’t see them using any VH when I viewed their CSS.

Here is the site I’m trying to recreate:

Here is my site Read-Only:
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@bronxbomber The site you are trying to recreate is using zurb foundation framework its similar to bootstrap. I dont see in links in your code to foundation framework did you create break points? Did you use the different mobile options in webflow to set column width or gutters? I can only see what is in the edit mode do you have a live preview?

@bronxbomber None of your css properties suggest responsive capabilities your first section has a set width of 1905px so regardless of device preview size it will be that section will remain 1905px wide.

Thanks for the response. I just used a CSS viewer and copied the CSS from that site. I understand now what you are saying. I didn’t know I would need different values for all breakpoints.