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How to make my text responsive

Hi there everyone,

I have just started with webflow and everything seems to be going well… until now. I created the page titled “Bamboo straws” which I have linked below. I made a parallax animation which was ok but when I added the title I was able to scroll sideways which is not what I want. My biggest problem is that the title doesn’t resize to fit smaller screens, enhancing the first problem.

Please let me know if you know what the mistake is here.

Many thanks

You can reduce the pixel size of the text for tablet and phone so they fit.

Ah thanks, that is a fix. I didn’t realise you could change things on individual devices like that

Not text only, a lot more.

Yes i see that now. The sideways scrolling thing is still happening in desktop, any advice?

I just had a look and all seems fine on my side :slight_smile: did you manage to come right with the side scrolling issue?

I have fixed this issue too. Thanks everyone.

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