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Hi Weblow Community,

I am new to Weblow and still learning new things about this amazing platform! I need a little guidance on my current homepage. I am hoping someone can help with more experience than myself.

In the designer the slider on the homepage looks fine. All fits perfectly, however when I then open the published page the slider almost resizes but bugs out… I hope that makes sense. Then when you scroll up and down the page again it almost re adjusts and fits perfectly. So it seems to be a small bug, but I assume will be something I have either accidentally set or missed.

please see the page here: Space World Play Centre

Thank you

Could you add the read only link to your project please so I could have a look.

thank you tom

I am not seeing anything wrong with the slider. When I open it up in the preview or open up the published site it seems to be working fine.

Could you possibly send a screenshot of what you can see.

Also I noticed something about the buttons in your nav and in the slider. The width of the buttons are set to VH 10.
setting the width to View Height will seriously look odd when viewing on a large screened computer.
I recommend changing them to a fixed width and fixed height.
See my image, it shows the buttons moving over the nav image on the left.

Thank you for this tom, means a lot!

yeah so when I view it looks like the attached.

But then if I scroll down a little it almost re adjusts which is odd…

Thank you

I see. The text and button seem to drop. Okay I will look into it further

Thank you Tom!

very much appreciated

Try the following
Change Slider 2 to a fixed height like 700px
Reset the height of Sloder 1
Reset Container 2 position and change the height to 100%
Heading 3 seems to be a bit off too. double click it to edit the text and press delete once to get rid of the third line that seems to be there after the word liverpool or world. Then set a bottom margin of 25px to make it look evenly spaced.
obviously you will have to make the same adjustments to both slides

Let me know how that goes.

Hi tom,

thank you for this I will have a little try now… in the meantime I have another quick question I hope you could help with: Webflow - Spaceworld

on the play page, at the bottom I am experimenting with the tabs module. as you can see via the screenshots, when I have the ‘Play Frame’ tab selected the size matches the other tabs at 30% width. however when I click off it and select one of the other tabs only that ‘play frame’ tab shrinks in size? any idea why?

thank you

I sure can have a look at that.

Try to keep each problem to a different thread as it helps with indexing and searches. Just allows people to search for common problems that have already been resolved.

However I will jump to it :slight_smile:

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It currently has no width set. if you change it to 30% then you will be good to go.

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Thanks man! me just staring at my screen for too long I think! missing that clearly!

Sorry Tom,

I dont see slider 1 and container 2?

I have resized slider 2 which is the name of the element to 700px Height.

Can you please advise? sorry for sounding dumb!

Thank you

I have highlighted in red for you in the image. it is called Sloder 1. I’m guessing you want the to say Slide 1

you will most likely have to use the navigator on the left to select the relevant elements.


now it appears like this? and I cannot edit the position of container 2 or height of slider 1 as they are in orange not blue? trying to click the Option button and click but nothing resets?

Thank you

Firstly double click the welcome to spaceworld text and get rid of the third line

Sloder 1 height settings are in blue for me. you should be able to click the blue text that says height and reset it

Hi Tom,

there is no other line… I removed that earlier.

roger that, it just looks like it on your image.

Did you reset the Sloder 1 height?

Just done this now… appears to have reset. Good old trust refresh of the page allowed me