Heading Text Not Flexing to different sizes

Hello! Here is a link to my site - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/fithaus?preview=a2de77ebbd2ac7265313617c5a0c5b88

I cannot get the “Home Hero Heading” text area to work on mobile sites. The box itself goes off the page to the right and I can’t seem to find the setting that would make it stay within the parameters of the page. I think all dimensions are set to “Auto”, but I am sure I am missing something somewhere.

Could anyone offer me the fix on this issue?



the width doesn’t actually affect the size of the font. The font-size is what affects it. Try using 7vw for your font-size


Okay so in the mobile view just change the font size and I won’t get that overhang on the right? It seems to work. I also clicked on “Wrap Children” in the flex box options so the text would wrap. Is that correct?

Thanks a ton!

yes. just change the font size.