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How to make background video responsive (preserving ratio)?

Hello! I am finishing up a website for a client and the Background Video feature is not rendering correctly. Does anyone know how to render the correct sizing for a bg video so it doesn’t crop out (see below)

1st step is to send us a Read-only file. Thanks!

Thank Jim!

I stripped your Learn page of all content except for the Background video - Makes testing easier. I added a Section (Display Block) to the Body 6 and dropped the video in it. I then sized the video for each breakpoint - Tablet | Mobile Landscape | Mobile Portrait

  • Tablet -width 100% / Height 46%
  • Mobile landscape -width 100% / Height 34%
  • Mobile portrait - width 100% / Height 19%
    If you need room above or below the video for your other content you can increase the height %.
    All 4 breakpoints play that video full size in preview

Here’s a screenshot of the iPhone 11 width with your content reinstalled >>

hi @Aimee_Hernandez here is another possible solution how to make video responsive while keeping its ratio.

But this topic is covered on forum many times.

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