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Showing background videos on phone sizes

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Im designing a number of websites with back ground video, the videos display correctly on the desktop and tablet size layouts but nothing shows on the phone layouts is there a way around this ?

Any settings i need to use to ensure the back ground videos scale and display correctly?

i thought i would put the post out first then if needed ill add the public links to the sites

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Set width and height to 100 % and if you want to maintain a 16:9 aspect for instance you also need to add a top-padding of 56.25 %.

You can read more behind the math of maintaining aspects here:

Currently the built in background video component in Webflow don’t seem to be working
on mobile devices though. I’m waiting for someone from the Webflow team to reply in this thread that I created: Background video don't play on mobile

It should be working since a 2017 fix where Webflow added two html attributes to the component but don’t seem to be working currently, at least for me.