How to Link to a specific part/element of a section

Hey all.
So I have a long section in my website (longer than my VH) with many elements/parts. I was wonering if there was a way to link to this PARTICULAR element within the section. Or modify the section link so it scrolls in further.

So if I section link to this element that’s halfway through the section, it will actually scroll there rather than just stop at the top.

Any ideas?

Browsers can hash-scroll to any ID in your page, so if you give your element an ID like step-23 you can link there.

However, Webflow is pickier about what it will show as options in the section linking panel, and you likely won’t see your item unless it’s a section or at level 1 of your DOM hierarchy.

You can still make a link as an exact URL, e.g. /about#step-23

But you may need to do a bit of research if you want the smooth scroll effect, and you would need to write custom code if you’re trying to sync a current-item navigation menu.

Okay so I’m trying this out.

I gave an element deep in an ID called GOHERE

And I went to the link and made a URL like (for some reason Home#GOHERE gave me an error 404). All this did though it still took me to the top of the section.

Did I do the # correctly?

If it’s on your homepage the relative link would be /#GOHERE

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