How to link one global style document to multiple website projects

Hi Friends, I cloned a style guide document which is now sitting inside an empty website project in my workspace. I understand that I can use this stylesheet in the same website project. But my intention is to use one global stylesheet and link it to multiple websites so that I can make global changes only within the style doc. I can’t find resources on how to set this up.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Suzanne,

Webflow currently doesn’t have any features for style, component, or CMS data sharing across projects, and unfortunately there really isn’t a path I’ve found to mimic a viable version of this.

You basically have copy-paste and then cleanup the duplicated classes manually.

The closest I’ve seen to a centralized style sheet is CSS stored in Github and delivered by CDN- but that’s not ideal either because in that linked form it won’t appear in the Designer.

Webflow keeps hinting at some Workspace level features coming like component libraries etc. so I’m hopeful things will develop in this direction.

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Hi Michael, thank you for your help! Copy and paste to clean up classes doesn’t sound very efficient. But I’ll give it a try. Is there a way to see all classes at once?